Department of “Public health organizations and health management” or, until recently, the department of “Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization” was established in 1923. Over the years, the department was headed:
• 1923 – 1924 y. Professor, MD Dembo G.I., graduated from Moscow University and author of over 300 scientific papers in this specialty.
• 1924 to 1930 y. Professor, MD Fedorov G.P.
• 1930 to 1933 y. Professor, Ph.D. Subbotin S.M. (1889-1948), graduated from the University of Basel.
• 1934 – 1948 y. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Karasev A.Y. (1897 – 1987), graduated from the Omsk Medical Institute, the author of 35 works on the theory and history of medicine.
• 1948 – 1949 y. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Meyerson E.G. (1899 – 1980), graduated from med. factor saga author of 5 papers on the issues of health, Honored Doctor of Uzbekistan.
• 1949 – 1951 y. professor, MD S.R. Dikhtyar (1894-1981), graduated from medical faculty Moskow University in different years scientific secretary UMC MH., Dean san – gig. faculty. Tash MI.
• 1952 – 1956 and 1963 – 1969 years. Associate Professor, PhD Shevelev A.B. (1894-1976), graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Saratov, the author of over 120 scientific papers on public health.
• 1957 – 1963 years. Associate Professor, Ph.D. Ostrovsky S.G. (1886 – 1978), graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute and the author of 13 works on social hygiene.
• 1969 – 1991 y. professor, MD Magzumov B.H. (1917-1999) graduated from TashMI, was promoted from chief physician of rural hospitals to the Minister of Health of Uzbekistan., Author of over 120 scientific papers on public health.
In 1990 he created the First and Second Tashkent State Medical Institute.
In the I-Tashkent State Medical Institute Head of the Department “Social Hygiene and Public Health Organization” with the 1991-2005 was a doctor of medical sciences, professor Babadjanov A.S.
Tashkent State Medical Institute in II-head of the department from 1991 to 2000 was the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Abdurakhmanov A.A., and from 2000-2005,. MD, professor B.M. Mamatkulov
In 2004 the department was renamed the Department of “Public health organizations and health management.”
After the merger of institutions in Tashkent Medical Academy in September 2005, the department from 2005 to 2009 charged of MD, professor Babadjanov A.S. He had more than 130 scientific papers on hygiene and health organizations and scientific director of 18  candidates and doctors of medical sciences.
Since 2009 to the present time the department is headed MD, professor Rustamova H.E.
At the department in different years worked: MD Qodirov A.A., Abdullaev A.A., Abdullayev I.K., Ishakov V.I., Abdufattaev A.A.,
Candidate of Medical Sciences Aripov A.H., Tyutin V.A., Shamirzaev V.Y., Sobirov S.S., Sayants T.I., Husanbaeva A.S., Startseva L.I., Sindeeva L.A., Kuptsov A .YU., Zilper Z.Z., Bezborodova L.N., Shayusupova L.A., Porsegova N.T., Abdurakhmanov A.A., Yusupov J.E., Kurbonov R.J., Yuldashev F.YU., Artik M.B., Magnitsky N.V., Nuralieva H.A., Salimbayev G.T., Haydarov G.H..
Employees Aliyev A.T., Pan L.N., Sokolinskaya O.N., Lithuanian S.A., Kazieva M.N., Sodikov A.S., Muhamedov K.M., Muhammad O.G., Daminov A.H., Karieva M.T., Mamanov M.M., Bakhtiyarova V.A., Qosimov D.C., Akhmadaliev N.O., Toshmatov G.O., Saidahmedov S.S., Toirova M.R., Fedorov L.A., Zokirova M.Z., Ergashev A.T., Yuldashev G.P. and others.