Purposes and problems of training

The purpose of training is deepening and fixing of theoretical, methodical, practical, organizational knowledge and skills about regularities of formation of public health and development of  health care, modern control systems of branch in the conditions of the market relations, and also application of the gained knowledge and skills in practical activities of the doctor – the general practice for quality providing treatment–preventive help to the population.                     

Problems of training

  1. Knowledge acquisition concerning prospect of development of health care in the Republic of Uzbekistan
  2. Deepening and fixing of knowledge of the organization of primary medico-sanitary help to the population
  3. Development of knowledge and mastering methods of carrying out examination of disability of the population
  4. Development of skills in control of quality of health care
  5. Development of knowledge and possession of methods of the epidemiological analysis of the organization of life of population and its reflection in indicators of health of the population
  6. Training in methods of an assessment of level of risk factors (genetic, fenotipichesky and environmental) developing of the major not epidemic diseases;
  7. Training in theoretical bases and the principles of justification of modern medical and preventive programs on the basis of evidential medicine
  8. Development of knowledge and possession of management methods in healthcare institutions of primary link in the conditions of market economy;
  9. Training in methods of studying of demand for different types of medical services and development of marketing actions in LPU.
  10. Development of skill of systematization, comparison, generalization, the analysis and practical application of the received information.