Survey for Student about distance learning


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we switched to distance learning, the Department of Public Health, Organization and Health Management is conducting a survey among students in order to determine the degree of satisfaction with the training format. The survey results will help to identify the main difficulties and problems of students in the process of transition to distance learning, and to determine the ways to solve them

Below is the link where you can take the survey.
Choose a language convenient for you

The survey is anonymous.

in Russian

in Uzbek

We ask you to take part in our research.

Best regards, assistant of the department Sevara Mirmakhmudovna!

3 thoughts on “Survey for Student about distance learning”

  1. Assalomu aleykum eng katta muammolardan biri to’xtovsiz konspekt esseylar yozishga to’g’ri kelayotgani Prezidentimiz ta’qiqlasalar ham ba’zi domlalar konspektlar ta’lab qilishadi

    1. Ваалайкум ассалом, сизнинг фикрингиз биз учун мухим, буни албатта инобатга оламиз!

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