Research work

Data on the scientific activities of the Department of Public Health, Management and Organization of Health of the Tashkent Medical Academy


Scientific problem: «Scientific substantiation of measures to improve the health and habitat of various groups of the population of Uzbekistan».

         Number of state registration:011500217         Subtheme:Improving the organizational basis for medical and preventive care for patients (children with oncopathology, congenital anomalies, cervical disease).

The staff of the department is 13.0, of which 5 have a scientific degree and rank:

– Khudaykulova G.K., Doctor of Medicine,

– KarimbaevSh.D., candidate of medical sciences, associate professor;

– Makhsumov MD, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.


Scientific degree of the department 25 %.

The department pays special attention to the training of young pedagogical personnel. They carry out scientific research on their fixed themes.

  1. Mirkhamidova S.М. (“Ways to improve the effectiveness of nursing staff in the prevention of HIV infection“);

Employees of the department for 2016-2017 years published 50 scientific papers, 14 of them articles and theses in domestic publications, 36 in foreign publications.